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Compensation Planning Software Made Easy


CompensationXL will help you and your team:

- Administer compensation programs in a secure online environment
- Clearly establish and maintain a pay-for-performance strategy
- Set and enforce merit pay budgetary guidelines
- Facilitate manager self-service for recommendations, approvals, and reporting
- Enable your compensation communications and total compensation statements
- Supports your compliance efforts with various federal regulations
- Produce and easily run reports that meet your specifications exactly
CompensationXL provides the compensation team with a tool that is so configurable that it will truly automate and improve your current process without requiring a process overhaul. Our solution shrinks cycle time and eliminates the administrative burden associated with managing merit increases, allocating short and long term incentives, and producing total compensation statements. 
"HCR has completely changed the way we approach salary planning, but they have done so in such a way that they've kep it familiar and intuitive. Our cycles are faster, more accurate, and user-friendly. Now the process offers constant visibility and required minimal training to completely transition our management team. And the cherry on top was the low cost for such a timesaving, stress alleviating solution. I never thought it was possible, but HCR has saved us from our salary planning spreadsheet nightmare"  Carolyn Donaldson, Noven Pharmaceuticals
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